Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gawain Project: Sunrise, Chapter 1: Brothers & Sisters 49-51

I struggled a bit through this episode and the next; I hope it doesn't show too much. The trouble here is that I want to show, not tell, and that can be a bit troublesome because I have lots of exposition to share with you. So if it seems like I am introducing characters and stories for no good reason - trust me, there is a reason. It is because I don't want to pull rabbits out of my hat later in the story.

-Anyway, that shouldn't stop you from giving concrit if anything bothers you :-).

What went before:
Lot has managed to soothe Agravain, but is confronted by his wife, who touches upon his harsh treatment of their ... daughter? With the Kings gathering in Lot's hall, his family has to stick together and present a united front to make a bid for the High King's throne. Right now, the meeting of the Kings has started.

1-3 - 4-6 - 7-9 - 10-12 - 13-15 - 16-18 - 19-21 - 22-24 - 25-27 - 28-30 - 31-33 - 34-36 - 37-39 - 40-42 - 43-45 - 46-48

Next week: The Kings of Britain start to do what they are good at: quarrelling!

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