Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gawain comic, 7-9

The story has been drawn up to page 18 now, but at this moment I have got a little bit stuck. The matter is that I have to make sure now to organise my information well - and without 'telling' too much, because 'telling' is boring to read.

So, well, I'm trying to work those issues out. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the continuation of the story :)



Cecilia said...

Page 7 is maybe my favourite so far, I especially like Lot's hands holding the bowl. The whirling of the tree on the next page could have been a little bit bigger and louder (for example forcing the perspective, or other trick like that) but Morgana's enter is effective in its suggestive semplicity. :)

ampersand said...

"Forcing the perspective"?! My dear, are you really supposing I can do that?!? XD -No, seriously, I don't even manage normal perspective :P. I'll keep the advice in mind though - you never know what I'm capable of when I get round to drawing the definitive versions of these pages :).

Thank you!! *hugs*