Sunday, 2 January 2011


Sometimes I think that watercolours and I can be great friends. Like now. I'm beginning to know what I am doing with these paints, and I am surprised at the amount of control I turned out to have this time round. I think I'm also getting better at distinguishing between the colours things have and the colours they need to have in order to look good. So this painting of Florie has been great fun for me and I'm happy with the result. The lesson to learn (as if I didn't know it already) is that I should just paint as often as possible. All in all, I have painted 11 pictures this week, and I notice the effects. The happy result is that I am getting less scared of doing the comic in watercolour. I'm not looking for "great art" - just something that looks adequate and pretty and less likeliness for me to ruin a page of line art. 

So let's see what I can do in the new year :).