Saturday, 28 February 2009

Gawain comic, 13-15

People sometimes ask me whether my fellow commuters are ever curious about the fact that I draw comics during my train journeys. In general, they really aren't. Last week I got my first ever comment from two girls sitting opposite me. They liked what they saw, and wished me good luck with the story.

I think I grinned like an idiot.

Anyway, here are three more pages :-).



Cecilia said...

Oh.oh, great! The panels have gained so much more fluency! Especially page 13, where there's no solution of continuity between the panels. I found that great, and the sense of running is completely there. The forest of the Sleeping Knights seem intriguing too. Maybe Gawain has to kiss each one of them to awake them ;)

Paperasse, as my tutor calls it, is terrible. But yesterday it reached the comic peak ^^ Yesterday morning I sent by air mail a pack to my French tutor with 2 copies of the thesis (resulting in 4,5 kilos of paper!), a cd with electronical version and a bunch of signed documents.
Yesterday evening I got an e-mail from French university telling me I had to re-do the front page of the thesis. So now I have to burn another cd with the corrected version and send them again! Couldn't they tell me that one week earlier? Of course not. I laughed, because I half expected them to have everything corrected *after* I'd sent them the pack.

ampersand said...


That's a lot of paper. Fortunately it's only the CD you have to send again ;P.

Some pages of the comic are clearly more inspired than others... I wonder how much I will be able to improve in the final version. God, I really do need more métier. *sighs* But hey, at least I'm having fun telling my story :D.

Spoiler: Gawain isn't going to kiss all the men ;).