Sunday, 22 February 2009

Gawain comic, 10-12

Look, here's more :).

I'm still struggling with the continuation of the story, but I'll sort it out. I need to place a few of my themes without it being too obvious that I'm sowing seeds. As far as I'm concerned, that's the difficult part of storytelling. Also, I'm a little worried that the next part might put readers off a bit. Which would be meh.

Anyway - let's continue with the story.



Cecilia said...

oh, little Gawain is a sprinter ^^
The reading of page 10 isn't throughtoutly clear - I thought I had to read Lot's "Don't treat me like a fool" before Morgana's "I am doing you a favour". Sometimes, with double panels next to a single, big panel, it's best to add an arrow :) A little advice, I hope that it won't irritate you :)
On the meantime, I still have to start working again on my Ricardian comics. Finishing the thesis isn't really helping me, it seems; I'm much more doubtful than before :P

ampersand said...

You just need some time. It's not easy to switch from one big project to another. When my thesis was ready, I wondered for a while whether I would ever have anything to tell again... I have only just found my story drive again, a whole year after I finished my thesis :). Mind you, I have always been slow. I hope you don't have to wait that long :D.

You are right about page 10; I already noticed it when I read it myself. If I had done this in pencils first, I could have corrected it; now it will have to wait till the final version...

Cecilia said...

I have already all the story sketched in storyboards, I only have to take again the sketches in one hand, the pen in the other and start drawing again :-/ But I felt much more energy while I was still writing the thesis. Right now, I'm trying to solve the burocratic stuff with my French university, which wants some 3 different summaries from me, an electronic version of the thesis featuring some specific styles they gave us, and other boring things like this. Uff!

ampersand said...

I know! Isn't it terrible what paperwork they make you do? There you are, finally done with a huge intellectual job, and then you have to do goodness knows what just in order to let people know you have done it O_O. Ah, academe... it's a crazy old world :P.

I took the storyboard idea from you, incidentally - I don't know if you read that entry. I usen't to do any storyboards at all, so that I had to do a lot of hard work on the graphic side of the story without actually being sure that the tale itself worked, or even where it went. Storyboards are brilliant. I'm all converted, as you can see :D. But I do think that in a way, it's harder to start doing the final version, because a lot of the energy that pushes you to create something goes into the storyboard, and the urge to do the final version is smaller. At least that's how it goes with me.

Just give yourself some time. The energy will come back, I promise :).