Friday, 6 February 2009

Gawain comic, 4-6

Ooo boy. It completely slipped my mind that I haven't been keeping up with new pages of the comic. I have plenty already - drew page 17 on the train home today. Long live the train, even if it often neglects its primary purpose, namely, getting me from point A to point B within a given amount of time.

I try to draw a page every workday between Antwerp and Ghent. Sometimes I am prevented by circumstances, but mostly it works. It's great fun and very satisfying, even if a lot of lines turn out to be shakier than I would wish ;).

I should fix a day for posting. I could try Friday evening... Or would Sunday be a better idea? Now that I have installed a Statcounter thingy, I know that the number of views of this blog' peaks on Sundays. Oh, and in case you were wondering, anything above three views is a peak ;).

*hugs select readership*

Anyway, I promised you some pages.



Cecilia said...

Ooh, intriguing! The forest landscape, with rivers and trees, looks really suggestive. I'd already seen the first page on your lj, but I didn't read the following pages (don't remember why).
Isn't that both strange and pleasing to draw on train? I remember that in one occasion, I spent more than one hour drawing abstract things, and my wagon mates didn't bother at all. When I started drawing a girl, my neighbours became suddenly interested!
But my most weird memory is that of a tgv from Tours to Paris. I was sketching something Asanorish, and on my right, a little forward, there were two men that were embroidering. I've never seen other men embroidering.

ampersand said...

That's a really good story :D. I don't have any to rival it - possibly because I tend to be so engrossed in my books (or stories) that I don't pay enough attention to what other passengers are doing. That is rather stupid of me... I did see a tea party on the train once. Very nice, that was :).

It seems that I mostly end up in the company of the least curious travellers. It's only happened once that people sitting near me professed an interest - that is, I heard them say to each other, "It must be nice to be able to draw like that!"

I'm going to keep an eye out for men doing embroidery, though :P.

My landscapes need improving, but I'm happy to hear that they do what they are supposed to do, despite their flaws :D.