Saturday, 24 January 2009

Aaaand ... we are off!

Here is the deal:

To make sure that the story gets to be written at all, I am drawing and writing the entire thing in thumbnails. No pencils, no sketches - just raw material. I will be posting a first draft, in other words. Comments and suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

This doesn't have a title yet. Also, there will be a prologue, but I'll draw that after I've done this episode :).

Click the thumbnails for a larger (and readable) view.

To be continued...


Cecilia said...

My dear, yours and maybe mine (when I'll do it) will be almost the only entries in traditional media... It looks like a photomanipulation contest. See the entries!
Not that a bit of traditionals is not needed, but really, I thought this contest could attract different kind of works. Moreover mine will be almost abstract (if I do it...).

On topic: Yes! I want to go to Morgana too! Maybe she could explain me something about medieval literature... ^^

ampersand said...

Hee. It's true, we won't exactly 'belong', will we? *g*

It took me such a long time to get the drawing to look more or less right that I won't be able to paint it in time. I'm inking it, and I'm only halfway. There's no chance I can colour it by 31 January. I do like the inks so far, though.

I also want to go to Morgana. Too bad she doesn't take any more students... ;)awain

jacker said...
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Cathy Scott said...

Hi there, I wonder if you have a typed version of the dialogue for part II, I'm having trouble reading it and enlarging doesn't help.