Saturday, 14 May 2011

Gawain Project: Sunrise, Chapter 1: Brothers & Sisters 43-45

I like Lot, which is probably very, very, very obvious. Ah well. Too bad I know what fate has in store for him ;_;. For the time being, at least, he and his very long red hair are doing very well.

And that's a lot of 'very' for you. I sound like Niniri in A Distant Soil.

What went before:
The Kings of Britain are meeting in Lothian and the feast is about to start. Queen Morgause has just broken up a fight between her two eldest sons, and Agravain expresses his irritation at the fact that Gawain seems to be treated differently from his brothers. As they go to their quarters to get changed for the feast, the boys walk in on a discussion their father and uncle are having...

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Cecilia said...

I am a bit lost about the Irish intrigue, honestly - where are they now? In Scotland or in England? Sorry, I'm just a little confused because I thought they had been in England all along. Where is Morgana's convent?

Apart from that, I adore Lot's expression with his children here, as well as Morgause's eyebrows (fantastic! ;). Only, in the first page, the position of the bed between Angus and Lot is a bit strange, but these are sketches after all. Cheers!

ampersand said...

You see where (adult) Gawain gets his eyebrows from :-)...

Lot is a good father, but apart from that, he's a bit of a swine. Only, I never get round to show hium being a swine, so he'll probably end up looking much better than he actually is :/.

Bed: you know me and perspective. This is actually not as bad as it gets with me :p.


Okay - technically speaking, 'England' doesn't exist yet. It's called Lloegyr (Logres) by the Britons at the moment and it's still growing as the Saxons gain more ground. It's in the east of the island and it doesn't reach Hadrian's wall. It does include London, though, and at this stage in the story the Saxons have also taken the city of Venta Belgarum (Winchester) where the sword in the stone is.

Lot's kingdom is Lothian, on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth - the area of Edinburgh. At the time of the story, I guess you can say that you can begin to call it Scotland. After all, Lot is a Scotus: an Irishman :-). Scotland is basically called after the Irish who moved there in the fifth century... Lot's kingdom is squashed between the Saxons (to the south), the Picts (to the north) and the Welsh/Britons (to the west). So yes, we are in Scotland now.

All the British kings you are going to meet in the story are from areas that are still Celtic today: Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. All the rest has been taken by the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. It's a strange thing that Arthur is often said to be king of Logres - it means he must have pushed the Saxons out completely.

I tried to avoid drawing maps and stuff and personally I'm not particularly interested in where everyone's kingdom is, but maybe I'm wrong. Do you think I should have a map?

ampersand said...

Oh! forgot to reply about Morgana's convent. You've asked this before :-). Morgana's convent is conveniently situated in the Land beyond the Mists and accessible from almost anywhere, provided that Morgana lets you in. So people get the impression that it moves around. I based this on Morgana's Castle Chariot that she has in several medieval romances. It's a moving castle, centuries before Howl!

Cecilia said...

I'm completely fine with a moving castle! ^^ In Asanor, Naide's residency, Pendat, is a moving house (not exactly a castle, well, it's shaped like a hand).

Probably it's just me having always problems with the divisions between English[etc]men. Even in Robin Hood movies, I always have troubles with the Saxons and the Normans and whatever. Forgive me, please.

I don't think readers need a map, especially if they are more at ease with British people than me ;)