Sunday, 27 March 2011

Next week: new pages!

Part II: Sunrise

Chapter 1: Brothers and Sisters

Blood runs thicker than you would think.

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The story continues on Sunday, 3 April!

I hope it's not too confusing - I'll be picking up the thread of the story that I posted before The Darkest Hour. It is only while I was scripting that story that I realised I would have to tell Ygraine's story first, so I went back in time and gave you the backstory of Gawain's grandmother, mother and Auntie Morgana. Now that is done, I can pick up again where I left off. In case you need to refresh your memory, you can find the links to previous pages above :).

(Incidentally, pages 25-27 need editing, because Morgana isn't being entirely honest about her purpose there. At the time I thought that was a good thing, for some reason, but in the meantime I have changed my mind. That's what I get for posting a draft comic... Sorry about that.)

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L R Priest-Dorman said...

I really like the way you've written the title here. Also, I know this seems entirely unprecedented, but I read your profile and you sound like an interesting person. I would just send you an email or something, but I can't seem to locate a "send message" sort of option.