Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gawain & Ragnell

Remember my Gawain and Ragnell sketches? I finally completed the inks yesterday, just in time for the contest. I did intend to add colour, but there was no time - I would have had to copy the drawing onto watercolour paper, ink it and paint it. Now that there would be no colour to draw the attention away from the lines, I gave the inks my all.

Does this work on its own, though? It's very pale; I guess it would have been stronger with some blacks. Only, as I did originally intend it for colouring, I didn't reckon with any blacks, and adding them as an afterthought would have looked messy.


(Click for a large view.)


the comics expert said...

Methinks thou frettest too much.

ampersand said...


I suppose that means you think it's more or less okay? :P

the comics expert said...

You got that right.