Monday, 25 May 2009


More celebration of the coming Ambiorix exhibition in Tongeren, intended especially for those who think of the Eburone king as a moustachioed, muscular, axe-wielding sort of bloke. Not in my book, ladies and gennelmen ;-).

This one painted itself and just went miraculously well (in my terms). Try a close-up (by clicking) if you want to see more detail.

In this one I like the paint, which looks rather as I hoped it would look; the hair colour, which for once is not yellow; and the gold bracelet, which actually looks like a gold bracelet. For the prosecution: my token long nose is really too long a nose, so dear Trix looks less handsome than he should.

That's it for this rare non-weekend post. And I'm wondering what else the Eburone muse may bring in the near future. Dare I hope for a short story?

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