Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Darkest Hour 19-21

So! As of last week, the story's important actors are all in place. We are getting to the core of the tale. It's not a particularly nice one. I'm having a great time drawing it, though :-).

As always, constructive criticism is most welcome!

Click the images for a readable view.


Cecilia said...

I feel that the atmosphere of the last panel contrast a bit with your general, serious tone... Sweat drops from other commensals and the angry espressions that pour from Ygraine in last panel give a comic sensation that I'm not sure it's what you want to give. Or am I mistaken? Or your intention is to give a contrast between the momentaneous humour and the later tragedy of Uther's disguise? Because of course Ygraine doesn't realize at the moment that her rebuke will have tragical consequences for her husband and for herself...

ampersand said...

Naw, no comedy intended. Must fix.

It's true that these, um - conventional ... symbol ... thingies of which I don't know the name are a bit tricky to use and quickly look comical. I wasn't sure about their effect here, but I suppose I had better take them out :-).