Monday, 13 April 2009

The Darkest Hour, 1-3

Hello hello and welcome to what is actually the beginning of my story :-). Sorry if it's confusing! I thought I could skip this part of the story for the time being, but I can't. So I went back in time to bring you the story that is at the origin of everything that will be happening to Gawain. And it has a title! :D

Please click the images for a larger version...


Cecilia said...

Wow, I see a difference in style from the prologue. Have you changed pen? This is all black without red inserts and it definitely looks more like a comic and less like a storyboard. Is it your intention to ink all the comic like this or was it just a case?

During Easter holidays I was able to finish some 22+ pages of my Ricardian comic, which now is some 55 pages long with them. Yuppiii! I am at one third of the story now, more or less. I'm proud of myself ;)
I too tend to waver between stylization and realism in my Ricardian fatigue. Using fountain pen to ink means for me an increased level of stylization, while using other pens to ink makes me be more realistic and detailed.

ampersand said...

No, this is definitely not definitive inking :). I took a black pen (same type as the others) to hint at the fact that this story is in a way separate from the part I posted previously. This episode takes place several years before Gawain is born.

I still haven't made up my mind about the dfinitive look of the comic; I'm still storyboarding :).

55 finished Ricardian pages already! *admires*
Will you be posting them somewhere, or will you keep them off the Net and see a publisher? (I'm not sure how it goes with Internet versus paper publishing.)