Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Darkest Hour, 4-6

I posted this update elsewhere first, and apparently it confuses readers... Maybe I should explain the structure:

- Intro (Klingsor Enters Fortress, Chats Up Ygraine)
- Title (The Darkest Hour)
- Flashback (The Story of Gorlois and Ygraine)
(- To come: return to Ygraine and Klingsor)

If I did my job properly, this should all be self-evident, but it seems I have been lacking in something with these pages. Should I use special frames or something to make it clearer that page 6 is the beginning of a flashback episode? Suggestions are welcome!

Click the pictures for a readable view!

Incidentally, I have made tags by title. "The Darkest Hour" has its own label, and the previously posted part of the story gets the label "Sunrise".


willborough said...

I haven't been able to really follow the story because of some time constraints, but these pages look really good. To lessen the confusion on the order of the pages somewhat you might add page numbers in the images themselves. To nitpick a bit i would say that on page 6 the figure in the second frame could stand more to the right as in the previous panel. The last frame is readable as a flashback/dream scene but would be helped with some more white-space between it and the first row of panels. I think flipping the last image horizontally would also give it better readability as you might at this time think that she is thinking of the man in the bushes instead of him spying on her. Otherwise the composition of the panel looks great though. It reminds me of graig thampson's work, here's his blog full of brush and pen goodies!

It was nice to meet you at nout's wedding!


ampersand said...

Hello Bartel! Thank you very much for the helpful remarks :D! It's true, page 6 does look a bit awkward. I draw these storyboards in ink right away, and I am not always good at projecting how things will turn out. This one really could do with a little more thought :). I'll certainly keep your suggestions in mind when I lay it out 'for real'.

Craig Thompson's brushwork is fabulous. I wish I could do that too! :D Thanks for the blog url; it looks very interesting indeed. I found a link there to another comics blog where several artists talk about their use of brushes for inking. Very inspiring. They say all it takes is practise... and the daring to ruin expensive brushes *g*. Well, I'll do my best :).

I do hope we'll meet again sometime!