Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Darkest Hour, 7-9

I've had a very busy weekend, so it's another quick update.

This week: a page with little text, a page with no text, and a page with a lot of text. Don't say this comic has no variation ;-)!

The story will be advancing quickly from here. The plot is not my own, but Geoffrey of Monmouth's (he died in 1155, just so you know where to situate him), so there is quite a bit of action, violence, heartache and all-round tragedy as opposed to my trademark thoughtful silliness. It's Geoffrey seasoned with Ampersand sauce, of course; I'm not just copying :-). For one thing, Gorlois is younger than Geoffrey would have him. And Ygraine is a Faerie.

As always, click the pictures for a readable view.

More next weekend!


the comics expert said...
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the comics expert said...

Looking good as always!
I came across this the other day, and thought I'd share it.
I was amazed at how light in words those pages were, being an adaptation of a novel which, granted, I've not read.

Cecilia said...

Sorry if I hadn't commented here for so long, or written to you in general. I spent a week re-reading my thesis before the discussion, and now I'm busy sending applications forms to France for a place of teaching assistant, in various universities. (The thing is called ATER, attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche). Those forms are hateful to compile, and I'm sure I'm making a lot of mistakes, but at least I can say I'm sending them. Pheeu!

The discussion exceeeded my expectations, the commission was pretty enthusiastic about my work and they were all favorable to its publication (the only thing that we need for that it's money. Italian university doent's have founds to cry). So, thanks for all the support you gave to me through internet about it! <3

The Darkest Hour is going on pretty quickly, I see. Little Morgause in the last panel is adorable.

ampersand said...

I'm so happy for you, Cecilia! :D You'll have to admit, when the discussion of your thesis goes well, suddenly all the trouble that went before becomes worthwhile :P. I do hope you get one of those teaching posts (especially if you really want one *g*).

My thesis still hasn't been sent to a publisher. I don't get round to filling out applications now that I have a job :(. And like yours, my university didn't publish theses itself. Getting published seems quite an expensive affair. Blech.

Yes, TDH moves pretty quickly - it's because I don't want it to overshadow my main story with Gawain as the hero. TDH contains information the reader should have, and it holds the seeds to crucial plots to come, but it shouldn't become a 'novel' in its own right. I hope it still works though :).

Noutie: I've tried the link, but the application doesn't work for me ;_;. I don't get to see any pages!

Please do give me feedback when you can :-). I'm serious about this thing!