Friday, 20 August 2010

TDH pages 6 & 7

Today: a preview of my first two pages of the definitive TDH. No speech bubbles or texturing yet - these things are to be added digitally. Page 6 is inked with Staedtler pens and a Pentel brush pen on A3 Bristol board. I had only just finished it when I started noticing its flaws, but that's how it always goes :/.

Below: pencils for page 7. As you can see, it is decidely less crowded than page 6. I was exceedingly happy with it when it was just done, but in the meantime I think that it probably looks a bit haphazard. Argh.

Constructive criticism = welcome.


the comics expert said...

Good work on facial consistency & storytelling in both pages, though the inset on page 6 (something I never noticed before) has a weird thing where the tree in the inset seems to continue in the larger panel, making it a little less clear there's a time-jump in-between both. Perhaps a panel border could help there?

Talk more soon!

the comics expert said...


ampersand said...

Yes, the remark about the inset is one that keeps recurring. I will have to take some white paint to my page after all... :)