Friday, 23 July 2010

Digital painting

Oh look, it's an update! ;-)

I have been pottering around with Photoshop and came away from a tutorial with a really helpful tip: locking transparent pixels! That means that once you have set down a flat colour for a particular area, you lock the transparent pixels for that layer, and when you set down the shadows, you stay neatly within the right colour area. It makes painting in Photoshop that much easier. So I couldn't resist trying out my newly-honed skill on some old line art.

This girly cutie is Ambiorix from my (long-term) War in Gaul project.

And this big brute is Conan the Barbarian, drawn last year as a birthday gift for the only Conan fanboy of my acquaintance ;).

The contrast between those two almost hurts my eyes. Heh.


the comics expert said...

Second time now I've said this: I'm nerd & I'm proud!
I like the Ambiorix palette a lot better than the Conan one though. Do that!

willborough said...

I agree with the expert. Good stuff! This wouldn't have been done with your new version would it? I have to get that one! We must meet.


ampersand said...

Yes we must :). And yes, it's CS5. Those brushes are fun!

@Nout: Hey, you know me, I like nerds. And I'm a proud geek.

As for Ambiorix versus Conan, one has exceedingly pale skin and the other hasn't. I can draw a pale Conan. I can also draw Conan At Twilight. The colours will be muted. I guess I'm just not always in the mood for subtle *g*.