Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Darkest Hour 54-57

These pages have been really difficult. I took a bit of time over them, but I'm still not happy with them. This episode is important, but hard to get right. I chose to continue with the tale rather than to linger over the difficulties; I'll edit later. Suggestions are welcome!

As always, click the pictures for a readable view.


Cecilia said...

Finally! I read it all.
Ygraine's last pase is really impressive, especially in the first panel which you drew more carefully.
Now a question: why did Morgana recognize immediately Merlin's true nature while Ygraine doesn't? Isn't Ygraine a fay too? Or, simply, Morgana's power are stronger than Ygraine's?

ampersand said...

Hee! Thank you for catching up, oh my only commenter XD!

Yes, I do think of Morgana as very powerful. Not only that: she is also curious and eager to develop her power. Morgause, for example, is a fay too, but at this moment she is just not interested in magic. Ygraine is capable of impressive feats of magic too, as you will (if all goes well) see much later in the story. But living among mortals she has almost forgotten her power. Now she can't even use it to fight Uther off. She'll gather her strength again later on.

I am treating magic as something that lingers within faeries. To make actual use of it, they have to concentrate, train and control it. Ygraine hasn't felt the need to do that. Morgana, on the other hand, likes to develop her magic for herself. She loves it :-).

Cecilia said...

I see. Magic in faeries is a potential, a talent that can be developed or not, staying silent in the meantime.