Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Darkest Hour 58-60

I so hate having to kill characters. But sometimes there is just no escaping it ;_;.

Also, after sixty pages my brush pen is empty. Is it me, or has it run out of ink really quickly? All the large areas of black, and the lettering and the thin lines were done with another pen, too, so... I dunno, but sixty A5 pages of pure line art doesn't sound like a lot to me. *frowns at Faber-Castell*

You know the drill: for readable text, click the images :-).

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Cecilia said...

I am reading with an absurd delay these pages.

I find that your faces are becoming more and more expressive, or rather that your way to depict expressions and emotions is becoming more effective.

And yes, brush pens dry our quickly, expecially black ones. :P