Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Darkest Hour 45-47

There was a time when I posted three pages in an update. Then I posted more. Now I'm back to three :-). Mind you, there may be more next time - it depends on how I tell the story. Today's set of three happens to fill the last three pages of my current notebook. And next week's update will include page 50! That's quite a milestone for me :-).

Oh, I must add a correction: on the second page, in the last speech bubble, please replace the second "battle" with "fighting". I didn't notice this until I was cleaning up the scan :/.

We are getting to the ugly crux of the story. I wish it were more cheerful, but it isn't. We have to wait for Gawain to get to the fun bits of my tale.

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome!

(Click the images for a readable view.)


Cecilia said...

Ooh! I'm fascinated by this bit of the relationship between Merlin and Morgana. Two more-than-powerful wizards concerned about Arthur and his reign.

ampersand said...


I'm going to regret having so little Merlin in my story further on (as per canon he disappears not so long after Arthur is crowned) - sparks fly when he and Morgana meet :-).