Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Darkest Hour 41-44

The (more than usually) lamentable quality of the art on the second page is entirely to blame on the Belgian railways, who saw fit to give the commuters on the way to Antwerp a very old, very shaky train in the morning. It was impossible to do any decent work and I had to give up entirely because my lettering wasn't legible. Fortunately in the evening we got a different train and I could finish this instalment on time :-).

Oh, and Merlin has a beard now. I decided that he really looked better with some hair on his chin.

As always, click the images for a readable view!

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Cecilia said...

I'm finally reading your comic. Sorry for the extreme lateness, but during this summer I had only a sluggish telephonic connection at 52k and I wasn't able to open images and such. Meh.

This last page, with Merlin disappearing in the mist (after having fooled Gorlois) really amazed me. Yay to fooling mist!

I understand the difficulties of drawing a battle scene, thus I tend to show only bits (with angular perspectives) and details of swords, blood etc. Much blood. As for references, for my Ricardian comic I basically used Osprey's military manuals about Medieval warfare, and in particular those illustrated by Graham Turner such as "English Knight 1400-1500" and "Bosworth 1485".
I easily forget to look for references while I'm doing storyboards, so that in the end I rarely have other comics behind my eyes while I'm drawing :P In any case this summer I bought a manga entitled "Guin saga" ( and I looked there for castle walls.