Monday, 29 November 2010

The Test

Next experiment: simple and almost flat colours. There isn't a grey shade in sight - how often does that happen in my watercolours? I tried to forget most of the colour theories I have been pouring over recently and just paint. I did start off with layers of yellow wash before adding the other colours, so hopefully the image looks more unified than the last one :).

And look: it's not a portrait! It's an illustration! ;P Considering that I started this without any preliminary sketches (I just wanted an image to colour), I think the drawing is not too bad. I tried to stylise and to prioritise readability, doing my best to take Walt Stanchfield's lessons to heart.

PS: it's called "The Test" because it illustrates an episode in which Gawain completes his training and his teacher Conchobarre subjects him to the admission tests of the Fianna. That is why his hair is braided. Of course, to optimise the storytelling in this one, you should also see a few pursuers in the distance :).



Jeroen Lievens said...

tien op tien voor thienpont!

the comics expert said...
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the comics expert said...

That's good stuff.

ampersand said...

@Jeroen: echt?! :D

@nout: echt?! :D

Nu afwachten wat Cecilia te zeggen heeft...

willborough said...

als ik ook mag :)



ampersand said...

@Bartel: WHEEEEEE!

Dan gaat het nu echt de goede richting uit...?

Cecilia said...

I can add one of the few word I know in Dutch: waterzooie XD

I commented about this on dA. And I'm relieved that you took my criticism lightly *pheeeu*. I think this works really, really well for your story, and this probably is also quicker to achieve.
I suggested Marini only because I know that you like him, but you could actually try to do a copying test with everything you'd feel appropriate. What about something like or or As for complete pages, I'd give a try with Mara's Clues, even if it's digital. I would gladly enrich the list, if other names come to my mind.