Saturday, 6 November 2010

Pencil sketch: Kundry

Meet Lady Kundry, Gawain's third wife. She first appears in Chrétien de Troyes' Perceval, where she is not given a proper name but gets a few telling epithets instead, such as "l'Orgeuilleuse de Logres" or "la Mauvaise Pucelle". Apart from having the most alluring mouth in Christendom (as per Wolfram von Eschenbach), she also has a marvellously sharp tongue that she uses deftly to lash out at every knight she meets. She makes no exception for her future husband.

I thought she should have a proper name, so I gave her the one she has in Wagner's Parzival, even though the character in the opera is quite different from my version.

Obviously, I like Kundry an awful lot :).


Cecilia said...

Who wouldn't love a character after these premises? "The most alluring mouth in Christendom..." mmh... inspiring!

A couple of days ago I sketched a 12 pages draft for a comic about a knight whose quest is for love (there is an inside joke about my pals at ACA, Florida). I amazed myself by sketching the 12 pages in a row during one evening, especially considering that the dialogues are in English and with rhymes! (or assonances when I couldn't find a rhyme). I hope to draw it properly one day.

Cecilia said...

Sorry for the deleted comment above, it was me inadvertedly from another account.

ampersand said...

Argh. I seriously envy you the speed with which you are able to work... And using rhyme in English? That's a thing I never managed.

Things are moving very slowly with my story at the moment - I'm so busy with work. Now I even sleep on the train, so I'm not getting any lay-outs done. I'll have to do a re-start after New Year. *sobs*

I hear ktshy was at ACA too! It must have been brilliant, but way out of my league.

Cecilia said...

Katie was in Paul Pope's gang - I didn't know she was a 2 million pageview deviant! She's very funny, spreading the funny side of things everywhere.

I have to copy you the rhymed dialogue. Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all :P

Cecilia said...

Whaaaaaa a restyling! I like the pages' links on the top and the new "about" section.

ampersand said...

I'm glad! The direct reason for the restyling is that some functions weren't available in my old template. Then I noticed that you can now add pages to a Blogspot blog - that's brilliant! That way, you can turn a blog into an (almost, I guess) full-blown website. So of course I had to try it right away ;-). You can have up to 10 pages. Squee!