Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Darkest Hour 115-119 (Epilogue)

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! We have made it to the end of the first story arc! I hope you have enjoyed the ride - and of course I also hope you will tune in for the next episode :) . It's actually going to feature the hero of my tale.

I'll post a master list with links to all pages soon. Then I have to start thinking about the future of this comic. It will go on, to be sure, because I have a lot of tales to tell and take an immense pleasure in telling them. The question is rather what form the comic will/should take.

But first I'll have a bit of a break. I have been writing, drawing, posting almost non-stop since April 2009. This story was easy-peasy compared to what comes next, so I need to reload a bit.

Meanwhile, BY ALL MEANS let me know your opinions, sentiments, constructive criticism etcetera regarding the Darkest Hour storyboard. I will start on the definitive version of the comic soon, so now is the time to offer your advice for improvements!

For now: have an Epilogue.

(As always, click the images for a larger version.)

Thank you very much for reading along!


Cecilia said...

Thanks to you for providing us such a pleasing reading :)

I completely forgot that this prologue started with the scene in the tent. So... uhm, ring-composition. Very appropriate with Wagner and Parzifal in mind ;)
Btw, poor Uther indeed. He's just human, after all, while Ygraine is (was) a fee and, basically, she's a woman and women know better. ;)

I just wonder what Ygraine's revenge will be. That Arthur's marriage with Gwinevere will be sterile and that he'll conceive a baby only with his own stepsister? Mmmh.

ampersand said...

Thank you incredibly much for faithfully reading and commenting. You have been immensely helpful and supportive - I can't say how much that means!

Ygraine's revenge ... just you wait. I'm afraid it's not going to become obvious until a long way into Gawain's story. Oooh boy, all the things I have to put on paper... XD