Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Darkest Hour 112-114

Next week: the epilogue!


Cecilia said...

I read that you submitted the question of Morgana and Morgause's similarity to your readers on lj. And on page 113 you really did an effort to differentiate them, they are clearly two separate persons.

Waiting for the conclusion ^^

See how easy it is, after all, to reach an hundred pages and more? ;)

ampersand said...

Oh, it's FAR TOO easy XD. I have the greatest trouble trying to limit the number of pages I need to tell my stories... That's why I'm struggling with the sequel at the moment - working hard to condense the plot.

It was weird. I was so certain I'd made Morgana and Morgause different, but after your remark I went leafing back through my pages and found that they weren't very different at all :P. On the current pages, they look the way I thought they looked all along *g*.