Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Look, piccies!

I have been trying for, what, two weeks to write a decent post about my chouchou Gawain and the project as a whole, but I don't seem to be able to manage without getting very long-winded and giving away every single plot point I would like to use XD. So I have a few pages stored on my hard drive that I just can't post... Ah well. I *will* post something on the characters, an introduction, and also the sketches I have done so far. There's a bit of story in there, but nothing major, just loose little ideas.

Below are some - very quickly - inked sketches. The first I'm including especially for Nout, who found it amusing because he discovered a parallel between my 'serious' version of Gawain, and Kaamelott's hilarious Gauvain. Gauvain is a complete loser who constantly makes a fool of himself - possibly even more so than the other characters in the series, and that's saying something :P. The saddest thing is that he really means well. So when Arthur once again loses his temper about one of his nephew's amazing stupidities, Gauvain tends to react with a disappointed, "Mais, mon oncle..." In fact, the 'serious' Gawain, too, has an impressive number of truly embarrassing adventures, the poor darling. The difference is that he manages to remain quite heroic all the way through. *g*

I did a number of sketches on the train, mainly to exercise in drawing King Lot, because I was enjoying his character so much. Unfortunately the sketches all turned out to be amazingly bad. Yesterday, thinking I had nothing to lose, I decided to take my Faber-Castell pens to them and try if there was anything I could salvage by inking. The result isn't brilliant, but it's certainly an improvement :D.

Lot, Lot, Lot - except for, top right, one Gawain drawn directly in ink. I'm doing a lot of Gawain pictures these days to figure out his built. He's supposed to be muscular and yet slender - I don't find that easy :/. I keep trying though.

The middle one is Gawain; apart from that, Lot and Morgana. You'll notice that Gawain and Morgana have strange eyes - I use the eyes to distinguish between humans and (part-) fays.

More later!


Cecilia said...

I love your inking, it's always so clean and clear ^_^
I'm probably too tired (just go to the University secretary to understand how many papers I have to sign in order to deposit the thesis - I still have to finish it but the burocratic process of officiallizying it it's already draining me) to appreciate the differences between Lot and Gawain. They look quite similar if it wasn't for Lot's thik moustache and constant frown and for Gawain's more elegant features.

ampersand said...

Eh. I know about that kind of paperwork. Poor darling! *hugs*

Gawain is supposed to look a lot like his father, but he is slender like his mother. I think I should perhaps work out some kind of grid to compare my characters to each other - how tall or broad they are compared to each other... I'm very bad at that sort of thing, and that causes inconsistencies. The characters haven't got their definitive shape yet, though. I think Lot's beard should probably be curly :). I haven't figured Arthur and Guinevere ou yet, either.

Cecilia said...

Arthur is definitely blond, in my mind. With straight, chin-long hair, a short beard, and pleasing features.

Guinevere: a bit vulgar, probably; provoking, yes.

the comics expert said...

"Sire! Sire, mon oncle!"

I love being referenced!
Very decent sketches and honestly, a lot more fun to look at than the HP stuff, which, I sometimes feel, is starting to become over-thought at times. There seems to be more vivacity to the Arthur (& Roman) material.

ampersand said...

Hmm... I think the vivacity might be due to the fact that the things I have been posting about my own projects are so unfinished. It's a fact that when I polish my stuff, it loses spontaneity. I work hard on it. Sketches are quick, and - more natural? If my fan art seems "over-thought", maybe it is because I know very well what kind of effect I want it to achieve, whereas with this material I don't know that yet :-).

And, you're welcome ;).

the comics expert said...

Hey sandie,
you may say they're unfinished, I don't see it -_^
Always a pleasure!

splendid said...
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