Saturday, 30 August 2008


Just throwing a few pictures at you... I have been doing too many Arthurian sketches to put in one post, so I'm giving you the more finished ones to get a taste for my new project ;-). The others require some text, because they are mostly character studies. Have these first, in a quick post :-).

(...if you needed more proof that I'm bad at drawing kiddies...)

(Making a mess with watercolour, YAY! This is SO not thought out... *g*)

(Happy with my inking. This is done with a brown Faber-Castell PITT pen.)

(My new favourite couple :P... It's Lot and Morgana!)


Cecilia said...

Lot? And who is Lot? In my shadowy memories, he was someone from the Bible - ah yes the one whose wife was turned into salt.

I like the first sketch! Is he little Gawain? he's very graceful.
And the others are cute too, don't worry ;)

ampersand said...

Yes, he's little Gawain :D. I'm glad he looks graceful, because that was the whole idea. He takes after his mother - that's important to his story as I see it...

King Lot(h) (or Lleu in Welsh) is Gawain's father. He gives his name to Lothian or Lodainn, the region around Edinburgh. His wife is Queen Morgause, but I'm letting him have a passionate affair with her younger sister Morgana - Morgause and Morgana do get confused a lot of the time, so I thought I might as well contribute to it ;D.

the comics expert said...

I was there when you made the second one! Doesn't look at all over the place!
Bring more art!

ampersand said...

I'm glad you think it's not completely off XD! More art is coming; just give me some time to draw & post... :-)