Saturday, 24 November 2007

A few sketches

Here are a few more attempts at getting a grip on my characters and familiarising myself with their features. I often fill in the characters' backgrounds and stories while doodling. In the case of War in Gaul, I still have a long way to go.

I haven't been able to do something decent with Comm's scar yet. Part of the problem seems to be (though it is perhaps not that obvious in these sketches) that most of the time the thing I draw just doesn't look like a scar. It looks like, well, two lines drawn onto his forehead, not the remnants of a grisly wound. I'm working on it :-).

I like this sketch of Comm very, very much. Well, he's looking rather more handsome than he is supposed to be, but that's what usually happens along the way *g*. I like the contrast between him and Ambiorix; I do hope I'll get it to work in the story too.

This thingy developed into a picture that is rather too complex for my limited skills to be ventured upon without thinking and/or looking for reference. (Yep, I know what that says about my artistic genius.) Anyway: it just happened, and if there are plenty of things wrong with it (proportions come to mind), that is a result of its improvised nature. But hey, I don't care, because it's only a sketch. It's (vercingeto)Rix and Riga(ntona), who have been clamouring for my attention lately.

It looks like I am returning to my simple, clean style - though it is possible that it might change again when I get round to drawing actual story pages. Unfortunately those still seem a long way off.


the comics expert said...

I very much like the last sketch, however much it may contain perceived (i.e. by you) flaws in it. I immediately thought 'Elfquest'. Seriously.
Good stuff.

ampersand said...

Thanks! It just felt good to go back to that kind of style, with strong lines, even though the faces are perhaps a bit too cute. I want the anatomy to be a bit more realistic than I used to have it, but not that much. For the rest, I think it is probably best to experiment with colouring and see where it takes me...

BTW, you escaped me again! I'm going on holiday till December 1st, but we REALLY MUST meet up soon when I'm back. Srsly.

the comics expert said...

Holiday? Holiday?! The nerve! The gall!
Anyway... how is anatomy more or less realistic? Sure you can exaggerate certain features, but that never seemed an issue in your work. I certainly never noticed 'un'realistic anatomy. Keep it up!
I should have more free-roaming time by the time you're getting back. I'll have presents.
Be seeing you

ampersand said...

Presents? SQUEE!! ;-) When?

I don't mean to say that the way I deal with anatomy is particularly caricatural or something - just that it might be a good thing to add a bit more detail by acquainting myself better with muscles and stuff. It would make the men's arms, for example, more solid without looking beefy. That's the kind of concern I have.

the comics expert said...

So yer back.
Get in touch, I'd say.