Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tomorrow: Comic!

Dear reader (-after all this time I don't dare use a plural anymore) of the Gawain Project, 

Guess what: as of tomorrow, I am going to start posting new comic pages again. So if you are still interested, you are very welcome to tune in :). 

Because my job has changed, my comics routine has changed too; in fact it has simply disappeared. Therefore I have had to establish a new one, because clearly, without some form of routine I don't get anything done. I am going to try the following: 

Since I can no longer draw comics on the train, I have to do it during the weekend. Because I have to draw during the weekend, I can't get my posts ready on Saturdays the way I used to. Instead, I will be posting on Thursday evenings. The rate will be one page per week. If it turns out that I can post more at once, I will do so, but at the moment I feel it is better to post regularly than to post a lot in one go. 

So: Tomorrow, Thursday 17 January, I will kick off with page 81 of Brothers and Sisters. 
(I posted a page 81 before, but it got scrapped. Sorry!) 

Thunderclouds gather! Mystical powers are revealed! Too many people sleep in the same bed! And Special Guest appearance: Lucifer! 

...And yes, I will recapitulate, because I don't expect anyone to remember where I left off :p. I hope to see you again tomorrow!


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