Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bluebell Spring

I still haven't got a new scanner, so I tried to take a photograph of this drawing. The lady is Florie, daughter of the Carl of Carlisle in the eponymous romance. She is Gawain's second wife and one of my favourite characters in the (future of the) comic. Then again, I am ridiculously fond of every single one of my imaginary people. Even the villains are beloved.

I love drawing feet XD... Yay toes! Few things in art irritate me more than artists who can't be bothered to draw feet properly. Some seem to think that as long as the boobs and the hips look good, they have put down a proper human figure. Well, no. And I am the living proof that you don't need to be a great artist to draw nice feet, so 'too difficult' is not an excuse. There.


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