Monday, 18 October 2010

Another small pencil sketch

A small pencil drawing a week? Let's see if I can keep it up... It would be nice, and I would have a Moleskine full of nicely finished pictures. - I can dream, can't I? In any case, you can see the style I want to go for. I wouldn't colour the whole comic with pencils (I am enjoying the use of these pencils immensely, but colouring one A3-sized page with them would take a full week), but the pencilled line art is representative of what I want.

This is Lady Ragnell, by the way. She is Gawain's first wife. You are not due to meet her in the story very soon, since our hero has some growing up to do first, but doing character concept sketches tends to help me figure out my stories, so here she is already.


Cecilia said...

A quick hello from Florida! Unfortunately I cannot visualize facebook from here, so that's why I disappeared. I am stecking all day long and I am experiencing the strange situation of being around a guy who looks exactly like one of the characters of Asanor - weird, isn't it? I'm also having an hard time understanding all these American people, but luckily they have patience with me.
I wish you were here too, to show other cartoonists your Gawain.

ampersand said...

I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope (and rather trust :D) that you are having a great time.

You will have to do a lot of sketches of the Asanor guy, for future reference ;-)...

Have fun and take care!