Saturday, 18 September 2010

Gawain Project: The Sword of Kings 5-11

"Here, encompassed by Roman ramparts of earth and wood, the fate of Uther's kingdom was to be decided."

- Bernard Cornwell, The Winter King (1995)

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Although I like spreading my posts a little, I am posting the rest of The Sword of Kings in one big instalment instead of the two I had originally planned. I think it is best: the comic is short and has no cliffhangers, and I do have it all ready. So today you get no less than seven pages - some sketchier than others, I should add :).

Constructive criticism is, as always, very welcome. I am thinking of drawing, inking and rendering this episode first by way of test, because I am not quite happy with the way my first inked TDH page looks, and since SoK is a short story, I can afford to experiment a little with it. But it would be great if I could get the layout right first.

In other news: I hope not to keep you waiting too long for the continuation of the story. I have been going over my general plot pages and noticed a) how much has changed since I typed them out a few months ago and b) the story is shaping up and making sense. The beginning needs some sorting out and I need to find my Schwung to get it going - but I think I am getting there (finally).

On to the comic, then!

What went before
Queen Ygraine has disappeared and Uther is desperate to get her back. He searches the land frantically but can find no trace of his wife. Having heard that Merlin currently resides in the forest of Cit Coit Caledon, he travels there to beg the wizard for help. He is met by the Giant Herdsman instead...

SoK 05

SoK 06

SoK 07

SoK 08

SoK 09

SoK 10

SoK 11

Ah, wonky perspective. It has become my trademark, wouldn't you say? ;P

Hope you enjoyed it a little, even if it was not much more than a bridge episode. Thank you very much for reading!


Cecilia said...

Wow, I hadn't forseen that at all.
I know the reference process works in reverse here, but the white stag near a lake reminded me of Snape's Patronus.
Are you going to follow Uther in his quest, however, or will you concentrate upon something else?

ampersand said...

I'm almost afraid to say it, but no, we aren't going to follow Uther. It's time we switched to Gawain. And Morgause, Morgana, Arthur, Cai and the gang.

White stags are an Arthurian classic. You'll meet more of them as the story moves along, I daresay :). Unfortunately Snape is under copyright - he won't be showing up. Although - I showed Nout the comic and he tells me Merlin looks like Snape's grandfather ;-).

Cecilia said...

Yes, white stags are everywhere in medieval narrative - it's only its connection with the lake, here, that reminded me of DH.
I already miss Uther a bit ç_ç But you're right, after all your comic is about Gawain, isn't it? And I want to discover his story, finally.

Is this turn in Uther's fate something already present somewhere, or is it something you made up yourself?

ampersand said...

It's mine. Normally Uther dies to make way for Arthur, but I didn't want to kill him. So I'm having him abdicate instead and I have thought of a neat way to tie his life into the plot. We won't see him for a while, but at least he's there somewhere ;P.