Thursday, 15 April 2010

An Emblem

Do you remember my Virgin Mary? I traced and coloured her in Illustrator. Last Monday I had a go at designing an emblem for my Gawain site, taking into account a few things I had learnt from the Mary Experiment. This time I didn't trace, but made my own design, once more based on the Book of Kells. It was fun, though I suspect there must be better ways of doing the knotwork than the process I used ;).

Well, I hope you like it. Personally, I find the wide-eyed, never-smiling Celtic look rather endearing *g*.


Cecilia said...

I'm not very sure about this one, mainly because of his expression. He looks perplexed, maybe a little sad and a bit unable to solve the situation in front of him. Personally I would have chosen a more determinate expression as badge.
(Please don't take this as an offence...)

ampersand said...

Naw, I wouldn't take that badly! I don't invite critiques just to scoff at them, oh adorable reviewer! *smooch*

It's true that he looks perplexed. I let it stand because Celtic images have that kind of quality sometimes (though I'm sure it's not intended). However - you are not the only one to find it a bit jarring, and I do agree that it might not be the best expression for a hero (even if he's a bit of a quaint hero *g*). I did a slight tweak of the eyebrows and uploaded the new image at dA just now (here). Please let me know what you think :).