Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Darkest Hour 74-75

This part is less than ideally executed, I'm afraid. It's a bit clunky, and pretty short for an update :/. The difficulty is that I have to skip ahead to the next great event and I don't seem to manage to do that elegantly. I could have let it lie longer and looked for a less clumsy way to handle it, but I don't want to delay the end of the story. My priority is to get the tale finished. I'll go back and edit later. I'm sorry for not giving you a better read this week... I'll do my best to make up for it next time :-).


the comics expert said...

Yah, total crap.
Just like the 70-odd pages before this, you don't produce even a little spark of talent.
Really. Sad.

Be seeing you

Cecilia said...

no, why clunky?
Everything is clear, and the fact that there is a whole page for each scene makes the comparison just more pregnant: she alone and she with her new husband. Ygraine alone is surrounded by a dark shadow, with Uther by the light, but internally in fact is the other way round. She would have preferred to stay always alone, now that her true love is dead, but she is forced into something she despises by strongest forces.

the comics expert said...

That's exaclty what I'm trying to say in my own oh-so-popular manner. Sigune knows I'll always be fan n° uno of her work!
Simply: she can so easily claim incompetence over something anyone else with eyes will love, adore & be amazed at her instinctive talent. (or deeply jealous, but that's between me & the li'l green monster ha ha ha)

It already looks amazing, imagine what it'll be finished!

ampersand said...

@ Nout: I know your style by now ;)... Thanks :P!

@ Cecilia: I am just worried that the transition is too abrupt. I wouldn't want it to seem as though her decision to accept Uther's proposal was an easy one. She just doesn't see any other options - except, I suppose, killing herself, but then what will happen to her children? If it works the way you say, that's perfect. I'm just wondering if it works like that for everyone.

the comics expert said...

Certain decisions can never work for everyone. (Actually, most to all)
So you make your own, to the best of your abilities & you stick with those.