Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Darkest Hour 28-31

Four pages this time instead of three! There are two reasons:
1) it would have been awkward to break off after page 30;
2) I wanted to do a little extra because I won't be posting for two weeks in a row. I will be travelling and won't have access to a scanner.

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about the coming pages because they will contain battle scenes and horsemen... Not easy.

Meanwhile I'm re-reading Vagabond and trying to study Takehiko Inoué's way of using the space of a small manga page. I keep getting distracted by the story, though :P.


Cecilia said...

Inoue is not an easy example to follow, though! I find his quality almost unreachable. He inks marvellously and his settings are faultless. Moreover, he's also able to pour a lot of moral reflection in his works. I really admire him.

ampersand said...

Blogger ate my comment! It makes me look negligent >:-(.

I quite agree about Inoué. But even as a little amateur I like to look at the greats for inspiration. Of course I can never hope to achieve anything at such a level, but trying to understand even a little of the technique of a really good artist/writer is very rewarding.

Inoué does amaze me. His storytelling is intellectually exciting too :-).