Saturday, 15 November 2008

Morgana: a pastel

This time I tried to use my pastel pencils without a graphite outline. Instead, I did the sketch in a pale blue pastel. I'm pretty pleased with the result, even though everything is less sharp than I usually have it. But that's why they are pastels, right? :-)

I much enjoyed doing this one, and I tried to be bold and not use the felt smudging thingies (no idea what they are called, sorry!) so much.

I know her eyebrows are a bit extreme, but you will know by now that I can never resist doing extreme things with eyebrows :D. And Morgana is not supposed to look ordinary anyway.

This was fun. I'm going to do it again. Yay pastels!


Cecilia said...

my illustration teacher, the last time we met, ordered me not to use brownish shadows anymore, but to use coloured shadows. So I think your idea to use a blue pastel goes completely in agreement with my teacher's intention ^^
I like the colours here, really, especially the yellow strokes.

ampersand said...

Well! Are you telling me I did something *right*, all by myself? :D That is good news!

I really have to tell myself to use colour that way. I used to think of shades (if I thought of them at all) as grey.

It makes me happy to think you like the pale strokes, too, because I had to stop myself from smoothing them out. They are bolder than usual for me, but it is good to be bold sometimes, right? :P I think they give the picture some relief, which works well, yay!

Cecilia said...

Yes, I think the interest procedes from the contrast between the blue part, in shadow, and the white-yellowish part, in light. Without one of those part the pastel would look flatter. Light and shadow make it rounder an livelier. :)

the comics expert said...

Yaaaaay for talent!

the comics expert said...

Also, that's some text you got up on the other blog. Where DO you find the time? lolz

ampersand said...

I typed that on the train, days on end... That's why I thought I really should post it! It was in summer, and three days out of five, there was no Metro ;-).

I can't find it in me anymore to spend time on this sort of thing in the weekend, I'm afraid. It's either drawing or writing, and sometimes neither :(.

Glad you like that one, btw :).