Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Doodles from work...

I gathered a few doodles from one of my notebooks at work. Whenever I am distracted for a moment, I draw a doodle :-). Three characters were actually born in the office! *g* Andecamulos was the first. Vitios the blacksmith was the second - you haven't seen him yet. The bard Cantorix is the third:

(my first few Cantorix sketches)

(crouching people without reference = AARGH)

(first sketch of Comm without a beard.
doesn't look a lot like Comm at all, does it?)


the comics expert said...

you'll have to explain sometime what's so horrid about the crouched positions.
This looks more & more like a certain village in a certain empire that's populated by a large number of people -_^
SO sweet to see you working & getting so good. Now gimme some scans I can send thru to colourboy sometime.

ampersand said...

"Colourboy" can have my latest Snape if he likes...? I scanned the inks. Unless he'd rather do the complicated one with the dead dragon :-).

The crouching people are reasonably all-right in view of how they were done without reference, but there are things wrong with the perspective, with the arms, and they are probably a bit off-balance too :/. I actually took pictures of myself crouching for future poses :P. Haven't had time to try them yet, though.

It's funny, but doodling at work does seem to be useful in terms of exercise, no matter how hurried. That's - a relief :-).

Thanks for commenting, by the way. I was beginning to feel a bit lonely here *g*. In the meantime I should probably chuck Feedburner out. It says you're a non-entity! ("No visitors in the last 7 days"?! I'm sure of at least 2!) Still, my friend Neta subscribed to the blog by e-mail, and that's a Feedburner service too, so maybe I should learn to live with its visitor-blindness and enjoy the other things it has to offer :P.

the comics expert said...

Gimme what ya got.
As for the whole "who's reading"? Let it go. Check what Colleen had to say about it a while back & the comments in that post.
This IS a workblog after all. Maybe I'm not on the burner because I read this through my own gmail-reader?