Sunday, 1 June 2008


I saw this news item last week, entirely by accident, but I have been so busy at work that I forgot all about it until I found it linked at Colleen Doran's blog:

A bust of Caesar was found in the RhĂ´ne! Here's the article plus photo in the Daily Telegraph. Apparently it's the oldest depiction of Caesar to date...

Cecilia, if you read this: never again say that I draw his cranium too large! ;)


Cecilia said...

A big cranium for a big brain ^^
Yes, I saw the news on the newspaper too, but I forgot it. At the moment, I seem to forget almost everything except a very small range of facts. Effects of the thesis?

Thank you again for the pencil Severus :D

ampersand said...

I bet it is an effect of the thesis. While I was still writing mine, I forgot all my appointments - with friends, doctors, the bank, everything. It was awful. Forgetting about a bust of Caesar seems a minot offense ;).

Glad you enjoyed the pencil Severus!