Friday, 14 March 2008

I'm a hopeless consumer. A months or two ago I bought a box of 12 sketching pencils. I never use sketching pencils! But the box had been brought out as a homage to Arthur Rackham, and I happen to love Arthur Rackham... Ah me. - Anyway, I opened the box last Wednesday and thought I would give the pencils a try. They come in sanguine, sepia (light & dark), white and black, and there are two 'smooth' ones - never seen anything like that before, but I think they are primarily meant for soft shading. Just guessing. There's also a charcoal pencil and a pure graphite stick, one of those things that I used to know as a Progresso pencil. I rather like those, despite the fact that I have no idea of their specific use. Last but not least, there are three watersoluble pencils in HB, 4B and 8B. I was most curious about those, so I tried them out at once... :-)

This is what you get when you start drawing out of the blue. I guess that it has the charm of the spontaneous...? *g*

Another experiment: sketch pencils, watersoluble pencils and some Photoshop. My drawings from photos are always bad. Poor Caesar looks like a zombie, but this was fun to do...


the comics expert said...

The 1st sketch is actually fun, the way you've got fore- and background. Very Rock Album ^_^

And you're overreacting, Ceasar does not look like a zombie.
More like Frankenstein's Monster (lol) How'sabout adding the elektrodes to his temples, just to check?

Cecilia said...

I've answered you on the other mail address, then ^^

I love the defying look on the first sketch - ahah, I wouldn't like to be the person she's glaring at! As for the second, the cranium is a bit too big (but it's well known that Ceasar had a big brain) but the colouring and the shades under his eyes are good.

ampersand said...

I'm hazy on my monster films - you are perfectly right about Frankenstein's monster. Never before has Julius Caesar looked more like Boris Karloff! :P

As for the first picture, I'd drawn Trixie, and suddenly it struck me that I might just be able to create something vaguely resembling space if I added Comm in the background... So I did, and I actually rather like the effect. Not genius, but hey, I have come a long way, right? *g*

Yes, me and big heads, eh? XD

I do wish we could meet more often and do all the drawings we didn't get to do. I mean, our Umbridge/Fudge never happened, which is a complete shame!

Cecilia said...

Well, I'll be touring England in June, and if you want to do a Ricardian tour with a group of crazy Americans, there's still place ^^
In September I'll be back to Tours, just for a few days, but eventually we can organize of another weekend ;-)
Otherwise, I wait you in Italy at any moment! I assure you that my room if FAR more untidy that yours, anyway ^^

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