Thursday, 3 January 2008

And now for something completely different...

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Not the usual fare of this blog, or even my (*cough*) oeuvre, this... Watch me trying to paint 'seriously' and failing rather spectacularly at being the next Turner! ;-) - Yes, I know, it's partly a matter of setting my sights a bit lower... *g*

Basically what I was trying to do was render a Flemish sky heavy with rain. The greys in real life are quite spectacular, or so I think, and I absolutely wanted to copy them in watercolour. This was painted very impulsively, which is probably why it does not look better. I played around and actually learnt a lot, such as that I would have been much better off with a plan, and that I should do a few studies of clouds with the help of an instruction booklet if I don't want my landscape to look like an abstract painting rather than a landscape :-).

This was fun though, in a way that a properly planned painting might not be. I tried to get a rainy effect by allowing the paint to run and blot. I do like the grey I mixed, which is rather like the real thing. I had paint all over my hands and under my fingernails. Then I read that some of this stuff (particularly the green) is highly toxic. Hah hah. Anyway, I'm still alive, and wishing you a very happy New Year!


Cecilia said...

Happy new year to you!!
When I saw the painting I actually thought of Rotko (spelling?), not of Turner... ;) Skies look simple but they're damn hard to do. Textures should be delicate while colours are bright, sometimes strong. Grey skies are particularly difficult. Sometimes I give up, completely frustrated after many tryings. In your painting I would have make a little bit brighter the part of the sky next to the mountain to give a little break and give a greater sensation of space. My opinion as always :)

ampersand said...

Yes, I should have planned the thing instead of just taking out my brushes and smearing paint all over... *g* It really is an impression more than anything else, and it ended up looking like an abstract painting :-). At least it taught me that I need to study more to get different effects! I got myself a study booklet which I hope will help me improve when I follow the projects outlined in it... I don't think the projects will result in good paintings, but at least I should be able to understand the mechanics of watercolour painting better... As it is, I really have no technique at all!

the comics expert said...

Always so hard on yourself.
Ok, so it's not a masterpiece, but it's not that horrible either.
Happy new year!

Cecilia said...

I'm very busy with university issues, so sorry if I didn't reply to your answer sooner.
I just wanted to wish you a good Snape's birthday, if we can call it happy ^^